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Apologies for posting this at the last minute! If you're in or near Hoboken, come and see the Crimson Pirates on Saturday, May 30th.

*Spoiler Warning!* We'll be on a boat. Well, a barge, but for this perpetually landlocked group of pirates, it's a step up, indeed. Also, there will be new music. That's right. Brand. New. Songs.

Details here.
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Urgent Musical News!

This coming Friday, January 30th, the Crimson Pirates will be playing at Yesterdays in lovely Warwick, New York. We've missed you - yes, you! - and hope to see you there! If you can make it, we promise you - yes, you! - we'll sing all of your favorite songs, and even a few brand new tunes!

Come in 'danes, come in garb. Come for dinner and awesome desserts or come for a refreshing beverage. Come to sing along and come to see if we're just crazy enough to do an all-request set.

Hope to see you - yes, you! - there!

p.s. we'll be going on around 9 p.m. Just so's you know.

Crimson Pirates CD Party — NEW VENUE

We have great news about the Crimson Pirates CD, Come 'N Be A Pirate.

First of all, it sounds great. The finished product shipped yesterday, so we'll have them in our hands in plenty of time for… wait for it… The Crimson Pirates CD Party on June 28th!

The Party has been moved to Irelands 32 at 32 Orange Avenue, Suffern, NY. We'll be in the downstairs party room. Doors open at 7:30, food and music start around 8:30. There's a $5 cover charge and a cash bar. We'll have trays of bar snacks (hence the cover charge!) but if you want a nice meal, I recommend you come early and try Irelands' awesome Corned Beef or Shepherd's Pie.

Wondering why we're not at the Ren Faire as previously announced? It's simple. The Faire folk are busting their humps trying to make the grounds look spectacular, and we don't want to pull resources that could be sprucing up those beautiful fields.

The party is open to anyone who enjoys our piratical antics. If you have any questions, contact me over at barleymash.


CD Party June 28th!

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Come 'N Be A Pirate! That's not just a good idea, it's the title of a the newest CD by The Crimson Pirates!

I designed the packaging.
Join us June 28th
We'll be throwing a GREAT CD Release Party at a completely unexpected, yet totally perfect location — maybe some of you have heard of it — the Silver Swan Stage at the New York Renaissance Faire!

That's right. More than a month before Opening Day, Crimson Pirates friends can come and party at the sacred grove itself. We'll have a great sound system, and, of course, beverages will be available to those with the appropriate ID. Details on tickets will be announced as soon as they're hashed out.

We hope to see you on the 28th. In the meantime, check out for piratical T-shirts, bags, and more.

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Did you miss the last Crimson Pirates gig*? Feeling those mid-winter "I miss Faire and its awesome array of performers!" blues? Well, there is balm for that itchy-scratchy-unhappy-ennui, and that balm's name is Rick Nestler! He sings. He plays guitar. He yodels. He spins a fine yarn. He has Special Guests (his adorable wife and her banjo-lele - not to be missed!). Mayhap you've seen him as Philip Hole, but you've not seen a fraction of his abilities if you've not enjoyed his shows outside of Faire.

Fortunately, you'll have the chance to see him in all his glory at the Warwick Valley Winery on Sunday, February 17th at 2 p.m. The Winery is lovely, by the bye, with an excellent array of wines and ciders (try the pear; it is &hearts) and an excellent café. If the weather is fine, you can wander the grounds in between sets. If the weather is poor, you can order an extra hearth-baked pizza and bottle of pear cider. It's all good.

Don and I will be there. Will you?

*even if you were at the gig, you should still go see Rick, 'cause it will make your heart happy. Who doesn't want a happy heart?
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Thanks to all who braved the cold to come see us on Friday night at Yesterday's! You guys are an awesome audience, and so much fun to play for. The quarters are a bit cramped, to be sure, but the owners are incredibly sweet to give over their pub to our lot, pirates and reprobates though we be. We’ll still be scoping other venues (heck, we had too great a time NOT to want to do this more!), but I’ll never say no to John and Peggy. They rock.

‘Premiering’ our next CD was a bit nerve-wracking. Be kind, kids, and know that we’ve got two more months of rehearsal before we’re in front of the mics. Still, it was good to get the new stuff on its feet and fantastic to share it with such a crowd. As to the other sets: what a revelation. Doing an all-request format really gave us a chance to see what some of your favorites are, and boy-oh-boy, who knew? ‘Charlie Mopps’? ‘Mermaid’? ‘Chicken on a Raft’? Seriously, though: it’s pretty cool to know that some of the songs that we’ve been doing forever are still fun for you guys, and that makes them fun for us. Thanks for that!

Thanks, too, for your donations to the Limping Tim fund. I know that chevalier776 and his mom, turtleott, were very touched by your generosity. You are all made of awesome.

A big ol’ shout-out to Rob P., who not only drove all the way from Connecticut, but also captured some of our musical shenanigans on camera. Check out his YouTube page.

Special mention to curdnerd and his beautiful wife for not only attending, but bringing an enormous round loaf of their roasted garlic-studded bread. If Don and I were nicer, we would have shared it with you lot at the bar. As it was, Don, Ann and I had a midnight wee sma’ feast. Mmmm. Fresh bread from Bobolink Dairy. Sooo good. I feel as if I’m taunting you... and I sort of am. Sorry. But you should all go to their farm, if you’ve not been. It’s a happy place, the owners (and those who work for them) are Good People, and there are cows! And grass-fed raw milk cheeses of surpassing tastiness! And amazing bread! What’s not to love?

Also, a great thanks to Rick Nestler for gracing us with a song. He’ll be performing in this area on Sunday, February 17th at the Warwick Valley Winery. They have a very nice cafe with all sorts of yummies, lots of wine and cider and cordials, and hey! they’ve also got Rick Nestler! Lucky them, and luckier us. Don and I will be there, and so should you.

Pirates at Yesterdays — more info — LIMPING TIM!

Woohoo! So we got approached last night (very short notice, but what the heck…) to play THIS COMING FRIDAY (January 25th). It's a three-fold event.

One, we get to see friends (we hope!) who we haven't seen for a few months and show off new songs, new schwag, etc.

Two, it's a going-away party for the coolest bartender there (Katrina) who's going to Australia (exile, Botany Bay, you know how it goes).

And Three — the Pirate Schwag we're bringing (T-shirts and a new Prepare to Be Boarded Thong) will be auctioned off to raise booty for our favorite Limping 3-Pinter, chevalier776! And thanks to aryiana for… well, everything, but also for giving Tim a lift to the soiree.

And another really cool part, from my point of view? We're going to unveil an amazing song written by my Bride and Joy called Distant Drums. Bring tissues. It's awesome. (And wait 'til you hear what Robin does on the penny whistle. Holy Crap!)

So yeah, I come out of a 6-month LJ hibernation to hype a show. What can I say? My day-to-day is like a pirate's — long spells of boredom broken by short bursts of frenzied activity. Believe me, you DON'T want to read about the doldrums.
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